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Assessment - MAP Tips

How to use TestTaker with Microsoft Magnifier for the visually impaired

It is possible to use the Microsoft Magnifier software, included with Microsoft Windows, in order to assist visually impaired students with MAP testing.

Begin by creating a keyboard shortcut to Microsoft Magnifier as follows:

  1. In Windows, go to Start → All Programs → Accessories → Accessibility → Magnifier. Right-click on Magnifier and select Properties. The Magnifier properties screen appears.
  2. Go to the Shortcut tab. Click the Shortcut key field. Hit the keyboard combination that you would like to use to launch Magnifier going forward. For example, if you want to start Magnifier by pressing Ctrl + Shift + M, click the Shortcut key field and then hit Ctrl + Shift + M.
  3. Click Apply. Click OK.

With your keyboard shortcut in place, launch TestTaker, begin a test, and then use the keyboard shortcut you assigned to bring up Magnifier during the assessment.

Please note:

  • TestTaker will not start if the Microsoft Magnifier is already started.
  • When Microsoft Magnifier is in use, the Go On button in TestTaker is not visible during testing because the taskbar is active. To move to the next question, students must select an answer and then press the Enter key.
  • Accessing the Proctor Administration Menu (by pressing Ctrl + Shift + P) does not work when Microsoft Magnifier is active.
  • When taking a test, you may need to intermittently resize the windows to see all available answers.

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How to pause or terminate a test in TestTaker

Please note: the difference between pausing and terminating is whether the test is made ‘resumable’ for the student to finish later. Paused means 'resumable' and Terminated means 'not resumable.'

   To terminate a test:

  • Access the Proctor Administration Menu by pressing the Ctrl + Shift + P keys (Windows) or Command (Apple) + Shift + P (Macintosh).
  • Click Terminate.
  • Enter the Proctor password.
  • Select the No radio button when asked if you want to resume test.
  • Click OK.

   To pause a test:

  • Access the Proctor Administration Menu by pressing the Ctrl + Shift + P keys (Windows) or Command (Apple) + Shift + P (Macintosh).
  • Click Terminate.
  • Enter the Proctor password.
  • Select the Yes radio button when asked if you want to resume test.
  • Click OK.

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How to resume a paused test

The proctor loads the test and selects the student’s name. TestTaker will automatically notify the proctor that there is an unfinished test for that student. At that point, simply resume the paused test and the student will resume at the question number where the test was terminated.

Please note: If you reach the option to resume a test, but did not intend to resume a paused test, you must resume the test and pause it again in order to make it resumable later.

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TestTaker says my student is already logged in, but they are not.

This issue is caused by the server erroneously maintaining a reserved connection for a student workstation. It can occur after sudden or sporadic loss of network connectivity during testing.

  To resolve this issue:

  1. At a time when no students are testing, locate your NTE folder on your network.
  2. Unshare the folder from your network.
  3. Reshare the folder, making sure that you assign the same network permissions originally set on the folder.
  4. Log in once more and allow the student to resume testing.

Alternatively, if you need to resolve this issue while other students are testing, contact John Keck at 254-5325

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Is it possible for TestTaker to skip questions?

When a test appears to skip over an item, or briefly flash an item on screen and then move on to the next, it is most likely the result of a student submitting an answer to a question more than one time. When an item loads slowly, sometimes a student will select their prior answer choice and click Go On several times in an effort to make the next question appear.  When this occurs, each answer selection will register as an answer for a subsequent item.

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Is it possible for students to see the same item more than once?

It is highly unlikely that any items on MAP assessments are repeated. Our item banks do contain items that share passages or graphics as well as items that have similar formats; however, each item question is unique. Proctors should encourage students to read the item completely through even if they recognize a particular passage, graphic, or format.

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What happens if a computer shuts down while a student is testing?

Depending on how the computer was shut down, if a machine is turned off while a test is in progress, TestTaker will pause the test in question for resumption at a later time. In these cases, simply logging the student in again will prompt the Proctor to resume the interrupted test where it was left off. In rare instances, logging the student back in to TestTaker will produce an error stating that the student's test is already in progress. If this happens, contact John Keck at 254-5325.

© Copyright NWEA 2004-2007

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How to exit TestTaker

To exit the MAP TestTaker program when not testing a student, click Exit in the lower-left area of the screen.

If you need to exit the MAP TestTaker program while a student is taking a test, enter the Proctor Administration Menu (Ctrl + Shift + P on Windows, Command (Apple) + Shift + P on a Macintosh) and click the Terminate button. You will be prompted to enter your proctor password; you must then choose whether to resume the test at a later time or not.

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How to configure your Internet browser for MAP testing

Follow these steps to configure your Internet Explorer (IE) browser settings:

  • From the IE Tools menu, select Internet Options.
  • Set the temporary Internet file settings:
  • On the General tab, click the Settings button.
  • Under "Check for newer versions of the stored pages," select "Every visit to the page" (in IE 6) or "Every time I visit the web page" (in IE 7).
  • Click the OK button.
  • Set the IE cookie settings:
  • Click the Privacy tab, and then click the Advanced button.
  • Put a check mark in the "Override automatic cookie handling" check box.
  • Put a check mark in the "Always allow session cookies" check box.
  • Click the OK button twice to close the Internet Options dialog box.

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How to access the Individual Student Progress Report

Please note: to view the Individual Student Progress Report, you must have software for viewing PDF files (such as the free Adobe Acrobat) installed on your computer.

Access the Individual Student Progress reports as follows:

  1. In the Online Reports area, click Class Rosters. (Click here to get your NWEA UserName and Password to access their Online Reports website.)
  2. Select the school and term, then click Submit.
  3. Find and select the school that contains the student that you want to view.
  4. In the Name column, find the student that you want to view and click their name.
  5. The Individual Student Progress report opens in your PDF-viewing software. On the toolbar, you can click Print to print the report or click Save a Copy and save it to your computer.

© Copyright NWEA 2004-2007

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Using Wireless Mobile PCs for NWEA MAP Testing

To: Principals and Test Proctors

Here are a few considerations for those of you who will use the new mobile labs for MAP testing:

Network Logon - When testing with Test Taker, always use the guest account username

(example: gmmguest) for logging on to the network. (Do not use the student’s network logon.)

Default Printer - Test Taker prints to the default printer on the pc.  The wireless PCs have no designated default printer.  If you want to print out the score at the end of the test, this must be set before testing.

  To set the default printer on the wireless pc:

  • Click on START
  • Click on Printers and Faxes
  • Right Click on the desired printer
  • Click on “Set as Default Printer”
  • You will only need to do this the first time you use the mobile labs, however, if you change testing locations, you may need to change printers as well.
  1. Test Taker Access:  On the wireless mobile PCs only.  After logging on to the network with the guest account username, click on the Test Taker icon on the desktop.  Another box will pop up with a second Test Taker icon.  Double click on it to start Test Taker.
  2. PC Battery Limits - Tech estimates a two hour max before the battery looses power and needs to be plugged in for recharge.  Therefore, you need to consider this limitation in scheduling students.  You might, for example, alternate testing students one period and charging the computers the next period.  (Or, just leave them plugged in.)
  3. When not testing be sure to plug in the PCs to their power sources in the mobile PC cart.

Any questions, email John Keck at:

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Middle School Local Test Taker Access

Steve Tobin put a shortcut to Test Taker in pubapps:


  1. START → All Programs → Accessories Click on Windows Explorer
  2. Click on My Computer
  3. Click on pubapps$ (Usually drive J:)
  4. Click on the NWEA-Mapp folder
  5. To open up Test Taker - Double Click on the Test Taker icon
  6. Log on to Test Taker :

Test Taker username is : _________  (case sensitive)

password:         (Call John x5325 or Randy x5327 if you don't remember)

  1. Select the Test:

-Reading Goals Survey 6+ COV2

-Mathematics Goals Survey 6+ COV2

- Language Goals Survey CO V206+ COV2

Click Add

Test appears in the Tests Selected window

Click Next

  1. Select the student – Search for the student by typing in the student id number and nothing else. Or type in the first two letters of the last name

Click Search

Click on Student Name in the Search Results window

Student’s name appears in the Student Selected Window

Click Finish

  1. The Start Test screen comes up – This is where the student would take over.

The student must select an answer before he can go to the next question.  They cannot go back. 

Test Taker is an adaptive test.  If the student answers a question correctly, the next question will be harder.  If the student answers a question incorrectly, the next question will be easier.

The survey with goals test should take around 1 hour.  There is no time limit.  If the student does not finish the test in the allotted time, it can be paused and resumed the next day.  On a paused test, when the same student is logged on the next day on the same paused test, he will start at the question number that was on the screen when the test was paused.  It may not be the same question but will be the same test question number. (See “How To Pause or Terminate A Test”)

  1. At the end of the test, the score will appear on the screen.  The student should then let the proctor know that they are done.  The score may be printed out.

If the student clicks past the score, the score is not lost; it will appear on the Teacher’s Class Report the next day after test results are uploaded.

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Which Scores Are Reported When a Student Retests on MAP?

NWEA’s program reports the RIT score with the lowest standard error.  Standard error is a statistical measure of accuracy (Standard Error).  On NWEA reports, Std Err is located to the right of the RIT score.

The highest score does not always have the lowest standard error.

On occasion the standard error (determining standard error) is the same for both tests.  Per NWEA, the standard error is calculated out to 14 decimal places but only reported to one.

Since the most valid score is the score with the lowest standard error, scores cannot be “over-written” to report the highest score.

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NWEA Missing Students/Scores on NWEA Web Reports

When a student is added multiple times thru the TAA, a duplicate record is created in NWEA’s database.  The result is the student’s scores are missing from NWEA’s web reports. 

To avoid this problem, when you are adding a student thru the TAA, always do a “Locate Student” to determine whether the student is already in NWEA’s database under your school or another school.

Use the following procedure:

  • Open the TAA, click on Students, click on Locate Student, on the Find Student screen, type in the student id and nothing else. 
  • If the Find Student shows that the student is in the database at Orchard Ave Elementary, for example, but is not showing up in Test Taker, click on “Move” the student.  The program will ask “Do you want to move this student from Orchard Ave Elementary to Lincoln OM Elementary?”   If you say yes, the program will move the student to Lincoln OM Elementary.
  • If no student with that Student id is found by the TAA, go back and click on Students, then click on “Add New Student”, then click on “Add Student”.   After you enter the student and click on the submit button, the TAA will ask you whether to save the student to the local NTE?”  Click on Yes.  The student is then saved to the local school server and will appear in Test Taker when selected.
  • After the TAA moves the student to Lincoln OM Elementary and confirms it on the “Move Student Confirmation” screen and saves the student to Lincoln OM Elementary’s local school server, the student will then appear when selected for Test Taker.
  • Note: You will need to click on the “Modify Student” button to assign the student to a teacher/class.
  • If for some reason, you added the student thru the TAA and he still did not show up in Test Taker, then you can use “Locate Student” again and Move them from Your School to Your School. 

J. Keck  x5325

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How to investigate missing test results

Occasionally, student assessment scores will not appear where the district expects to see them reported. This can happen in a variety of situations, including:

  • The student score has not yet been uploaded to NWEA for reporting.
  • The student did not take the test in question.
  • An attribute assigned to the student in the Class Roster File (CRF), such as the student’s ID number or last name, changed between terms.
  • A student took an assessment at a date outside of the district's specified test window.

If you believe a student RIT score is missing from NWEA Reports, begin investigation with the following steps:

  • Examine the Students Not Tested Report, available from the NWEA Reports Site. This report displays students who were included in the initial Class Roster File but have not yet taken an assessment or have not yet uploaded their test results.  Once an upload has occurred, results will appear on the Reports Site within 24-48 hours; if you believe a student appears on this list in error, perform a test results upload, wait 24-48 hours, and check this report for updated data. Compare your local results upload schedule with the Results Upload Summary report. The Results Upload Summary report, located on the NWEA Reports Site, contains a record of every upload NWEA has received from your district in the previous 30 days. Depending on your local schedule, verify that this report reflects the same upload schedule that you have implemented. If the report displays results received as zero, this means that a results upload is in progress or has recently been completed.
  • Search for duplicate student instances. Using the Test Administration's Search function, search for the student with the missing score, by first or last name. If you see multiple instances of the same student, this indicates the possibility that the score is not "lost," but rather, associated with a duplicate student account. Duplicate student instances must be handled by contacting John Keck at 5325.

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Adding or Modifying Student Testing Accounts

  • Due to the nature of student mobility, it’s often necessary to enroll individual students or modify existing student testing accounts after the majority of students have been enrolled using the standard Class Roster File process.
  • Student accounts may be created using the MAP Test Administration Application (MAP TAA). When a student account is created, it is added to both the NWEA servers as well as the district's local Network Test Environment (NTE) folder.
  • Please note: it is important to search for an existing student testing account prior to creating a new one. Duplicate student accounts may create incomplete testing histories on reports. If MAP TAA discovers a similar record in the NWEA database when attempting to add a student, it will recommend that you download the student to the NTE rather than adding a new record. Please confirm that the student found is correct and add the student to the NTE. This will prevent duplicate records of the student.

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How to move students to a different school using MAP TAA

If a student has changed schools within your district, and tests will be administered to the student at the new school, the student’s testing account will need to moved to the new school’s NTE. Use the Locate Student feature in the MAP Test Administration Application (MAP TAA) to move the student record to the new school’s NTE, and then modify the student profile to show the appropriate school and teacher/class assignments. A user with a MAP Coordinator or District-level Proctor account can move students to any school in the district; a user with a School Administrator or School-level Proctor account can only move students to their school.

  • Log on to the MAP Test Administration Application (MAP TAA).
  • From the left navigation panel, click Students > Locate Student. The Locate Student screen appears.
  • Enter the search criteria for the student in the appropriate fields and click the Submit button. If one or more students are found who match the criteria entered, the Locate Student Search Results screen appears.
  • If the student to be moved is listed in the search results, select the new school from the drop-down list. If you are logged in as a School Administrator or School Proctor for the receiving school, you will only see your school listed in the drop-down list.
  • In the Action column, click the Move link on the row for the appropriate student. This will move the student’s testing account to be associated the new school.

Please note: the student testing account will be moved provided the account is not in use (i.e., the student is not testing) at the time of the move. If testing is in progress when you are using the Locate Student feature, you may wait and redownload Student Data at a time when testing is not in progress. If this change is being made to multiple student accounts, re-downloading Student Data will update all accounts at once. Be sure to modify the student testing account with the correct school and teacher/class assignments for accurate reporting.

© Copyright NWEA 2004-2008

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All Schools NWEA MAP Test Term Setup

To avoid possible data corruption, you must start with a fresh NTE (NWEA folder on your local school server).  This means that you will manually delete all old files and folders in your local NWEA folder.

Note:  If you have been recently testing, be sure to upload test results before you delete the files.



To access your local NWEA folder:

  • Click on Start, then Run
  • Type in the path:  \\YourSchoolServerName\NWEA, click on OK
    (Click here and I'll tell you the path you your school's NWEA server.)
  • Note:  Make sure you are accessing your school server and not another school’s!
  • There will be two folders, Students and Tests, as well as some loose files outside of the folders.
  • Note: for Spanish MAP users, do not delete the audio folder.
  • click on Edit,   Select all
  • With all folders and files selected in the NWEA folder, Click on File, Delete, (If it asks you, Click on Yes to delete all files and folders in the NWEA folder).
  • (It will take a while for all the files and folders to be deleted.)

NOTE: do not use the TAA to delete students



After your NWEA folder is clean, open up the TAA and login.

  • Click on Tools, File Server Configuration to verify that TAA is accessing your school's file server.  If the Folder Location box is empty you can click here to open a new browser window which will tell you the path you your school's NWEA server. You can copy copy the path from there and past it into the Folder Location box in TAA. If you have any difficulties or need help with this step, please call John Keck, x5325 or Randy Martens, x5327


  • Click on NWEA Agencies
  • Click on Download Agency Data
  • Click on Find Agency,
  • To find your school, click on the + sign next to Mesa County Valley School District to open up the school list , scroll down and click on your school, click on Submit
  • Click on Next
  • Click on Start Download to download agency data


  • Click on Students, Download Students
  • Click on Find Agency and Select your school. 
  • Click on Next
  • TAA Loads Student count
  • Click on Start Download to download students


  • Click on Tests, Download Test Packages. 
  • Click on Find Agency and Select your school. 
  • Click on Next
  • TAA Loads Test Packages count
  • Click on Start Download to download test packages

Note: It will take 45 minutes to 1 hour to download tests.  If the screen goes blank, don’t worry about it, just let it go.  When the test download is complete,  a message will come up “Download Complete”.

After Agency (School) data, Students and Tests have been downloaded, you are ready to test.

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